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Join us this year for a 1-2 day workshop in a prestigious 10,000 sq/ft studio in the heart of Atlanta. Built in 1910, this 118 year old building was once a thriving cotton factory that turned raw cotton into fire retardant fabrics for nearly 84 years. The factory saw life for a few more years before being abandoned and left to sit. After being purchased in 2007, it was turned into what you see it as now- a multi room day light studio that now hosts several events that range from weddings, to private parties, to video & photo-productions, and more! This is a great opportunity to take in a little bit of the Atlanta history while also capturing some phenomenal portraits of today's leading professionals. 

We will begin our workshop Saturday morning at 9:00 am, and continue using the studios ample daylight to photograph our models well into the late afternoon hours. Daily refreshments and snacks will be available to you throughout the day to keep your energy high, and a short break will be taken in the afternoon for a catered lunch and to recharge equipment. Sunday morning we will start promptly at 9:15 with a short instruction by our VIP guest, Lance Andrews, with In Vogue Photography. During his instruction, Lance will go over his favorite shooting techniques, lighting, posing, and basic topics covering everything from marketing to, booking, and photographing industry professionals. Everyone who attends this day will get the chance to have a one-on-one, hands-on instruction with him and your model. We will have a working lunch provided to ensure ample shooting time with our workshop models before the day wraps up at 3:00 pm. Model releases will be provided for both workshop options. 

Besides daily snacks, drinks, and lunches, no other meals are provided. Attendees will be in charge of their own travel expenses, lodging, and dinners. This workshop will primarily focus on natural light shooting, but you are welcome to bring any additional lighting equipment of your own. We will have some strobe stations set up throughout the day, so please be sure your camera is equipped with a "hot shoe" or PC cord connection. 

Studio Features

 10,000 SQ FT











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North Georgia Workshop


October 5-7, 2018

Join us at the original home of Gold Rush Destinations! Workshop models & staff will arrive on location Thursday, October 4th, for a quick introduction before we spend the next three days upon some of north Georgia's most lush 300 acres of private property. Should your travel plans allow it, you are welcome to stop by and introduce yourself to the models & staff. With two river locations, horses on site, and unlimited shooting possibilities, this is one workshop you won't want to miss! Workshop officially ends Sunday evening with a day of private shooting should your schedule allow it. See a detailed itinerary below of the weekends activities. Please note- workshop itinerary is subject to change at any point for any reason, including, but not limited to, amount of attendees, model rotation schedules, and included models. All changes will be addressed at the time of the workshop. 

North Georgia Weekend Itinerary


Models and workshop staff members arrive. All models will be staying on location at the main house of the property for the entire weekend with the beauty team. We will have a small meet up that is not mandatory for photographers to attend beginning at 7:00 PM in the main house. This is to assign makeup times for the models and a light dinner will be served for anyone who attends. Please inform us prior to the workshop if we can expect you to ensure we have the proper amount of food. Everyone has to be off location by 10:00 PM so models can be well rested for the workshop. 


  • 7:30 am Mandatory breakfast/group meeting, assign group schedules and model rotations
  • 8:30 am First model rotation for group shooting
  • 10:30 am Second model rotation for group shooting
  • 12:30 pm Conclusion of Morning Sessions
  • 1:00-3:30 pm Mandatory mid day break & lunch
  • 4:00 pm Third model rotation for group shooting
  • Sunset will conclude the days sessions. Everyone must be headed back to the main house within 20 minutes of the sun setting with their model.
  • Dinner to follow at the main house 
  • 11:00pm All photographers should be off site and headed back to their hotels 


Grab & go style breakfast will be provided for this day as shooting times are allowed to begin as early as 30 minutes prior to sunrise for private shoots only. 

  • 8:00-10:00 am First model rotation for group  shooting
  • 10:30 am-12:30 pm Second model rotation for group shooting
  • 1:00-3:30 pm Mandatory mid-day break & lunch
  • 3:30- 4:30 pm Image reviews with short education class
  • 4:30 pm Private shoots for sponsored models and their photographer, plus final model rotation of the workshop. 
  • Sunset will conclude the days sessions. Everyone must be headed back to the main house within 20 minutes of the sun setting with their model. 
  • Dinner to follow at the main house
  • Releases will be signed during dinner. 


Grab and go style breakfast will be provided for this day as shooting times are allowed to begin as early as 20 minutes prior to sunrise for private shoots only. Should travel schedules allow it and prior arrangements are made during the weekend, models can be hired for additional private shoots on this day beginning at $100/hr plus $30 for hair & makeup. Workshop officially ends Sunday at 2:00 pm and all work spaces and gear must be cleaned up and packed. Anyone wishing to continue to stay on property after this cut off time will need to make prior arrangements with the location owner, their model(s) of choice, and the hair & makeup team.  All payments to makeup artists & models must be arranged and paid in full one hour prior to your shooting start time, and by 2:00 pm for any shoots scheduled after workshop concludes. Breakfast will be the only meal provided on this day. 


Liability & Fine Details for North Georgia Workshop

Become a Model's Sponsor

Sponsor a model for a set donation of $400. This helps cover that models food and lodging expenses, as well as cover the costs of their travel fees. Sponsors are given a one hour private shoot with their model during the designated time slots listed above, away from the normal group rotations with hair & makeup provided and model release for images captured during their private session. Private shoots can only be obtained during the workshop by sponsoring your model(s) of choice or at the separate cost of $100/hr that can be arranged during workshop hours, and must also include a $30/model fee for hair & makeup. 

Spouses/Significant Others

Spouses/significant others can accompany any attendee to the workshop for an additional $300. They can be on location at all times with you to serve as an assistant or just to simply hang out. Food and beverages will be provided for them as well throughout the course of the weekend. They are not allowed to photograph any of the models without paying the regular attendee price of $699. All travel and lodging expenses are not included in this price.


Every person of attendance needs to be well aware of their surroundings and locations and the risks involved during every moment of the weekend. This particular workshop will be in north Georgia when temperatures and humidity can be very high and hard to handle for anyone not used to them. Please make sure you have water for you and your model on you at all times during the workshop and keep hydrated. Also be aware that this location is home to poisonous snakes, mosquitoes, poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, ticks, and several varieties of bees. So take proper caution and bring the proper supplies in case you happen to stumble upon any of these- safety is our number one concern for everyone. All workshop attendees and talent will be required to sign a waiver upon arrival before the workshop begins. A copy of this can be obtained prior to purchasing your workshop spot by email. Deposits to reserve your spot in the workshop are $350 and are nonrefundable. Should you not be able to attend for any reason, your deposit can be transferred to another attendee but it is your responsibility to get that spot filled. The remaining $349 workshop balance is due no later than September 25, 2018. Sponsorship's are due in full upfront. Financing is available through PayPal finance upon approval. For any other concerns or questions please email Gold Rush Destinations through the Contact Us page. 

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